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Recurring profiles with recurring shipping

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:41 am
by dzman7
Please help

I cannot figure this out and need to fix. My website is designed to sell physical products on a subscription basis and needs to include shipping with every recurring payment. Can someone point me to an extension that does this or please help me change code to make this change. I have altered system/library/cart.php to make the recurring price and product price the same and to add the option prices to the recurring price but I cannot add the shipping cost here because the customer does not select the shipping method until checkout. I am using pp_express as the payment method and know shipping is charged as an item. If someone could show me where this is done that would really help too. Here is a image to show you what I mean Image the shipping is an item called Priority Mail 1-Day. I am using version

Any help would be much appreciated I really can't figure this out or find an extension that will do it