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So, we have set up two Options for our Audio CD sets; one regular Audio CDs, the other MP3 CDs. The MP3 CDs can fit much more content on them, thus the sets have fewer CDs and are priced much cheaper.

Okay, so the Option worked fine, allows customer to select which set they want. Works beautifully.

Our problem is the Wholesale Customer Group. How do you get the pricing to reflect properly when someone is logged in as a Wholesale Customer and you have Options? To give a wholesale price one has to enter a specific price for the item, you can't just select a discount, which would be easier(?), as it would just set the prices as say 40% off the prices we have set for both options.

Any help is appreciated!

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just found this, it may be of some help: ... on_id=4996
How To Make "Discount" Prices Override "Special" Prices

Good Luck

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