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I sell t-shirts and I would like to change the main image when someone select a color from options. Is there any extension to do this?



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I too was looking for a feature like this. I've installed it and it works great. My only issue is... I'll be having over 100 products eventually. Do I need to created options in /admin/catalog/options for every products so that I could add it
in the product data page? That would be extensive and troublesome when naming the options.

for instance... I have one option with 3 different colors... white, black, blue and I name them respectively. Then add there pictures.

In the product/data I select the option and enable the three colors.

On the next product. I could create another option and have troubles renaming it, or add more selections
to the same COLOR option I created earlier. This item also have 3 colors... white, black, blue. I add the pictures.

When I go to product number twos options. I see white, black, blue twice. One for the pictures in product number 1
and the second for the pictures in product number two.

After 100+ products it may get frustrating knowing with one is which. Is there anyway to differentiate?

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