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I am looking to see if it possible to do a discount in the cart based on options instead of product. For example: If the customer buys 6 different shirts with all the SMALL option, I want to give them a discount. I see how to do this if it was multiples of the same product with different options. But I want the discount to be based on the size option.



Tue May 12, 2015 10:12 pm

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oreosxe wrote:But I want the discount to be based on the size option.
Before depending on others, one should look first, or then, risk to simply be ignored.
It's not quite so easy, in real Life, when setting up an income-generator, to get everything done,
or teached, by others, because of lack of own time, missing knowledge, or plain Will. ... 20discount ... 20#p559720

Don't take it personally, it's just to assist you, from OC start on... ;)
Good Luck

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