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I'm using "pp_standard" on .

The paypal story
IF you think this is too long, skip to the TLDR at the end.

Someone ordered from my shop. A few days later he asked "Did you ship yet?" by opening a paypal case. I asked, Sorry for the delay, but I can ship today or I can refund you your money. your choice. He chose "ship today" which happened.
The order took a while to get to his place, but was finally delivered on the 20th. Paypal then took up the case on the 22nd and with the link to the "delivered" tracking info available informed me: "We have decided for your buyer, we'll refund him from your money" (and we'll charge you €14 dispute fee for this decision).
They offered me to "allow an appeal if I provided new evidence". So I made a screenshot of the tracking showing delivery and provided the link to the tracking info as such a screenshot can be easily manipulated. A day later they responded to my appeal saying: We rule for your buyer, you're still out of your money.

I called them and it turns out they don't want proof-of-delivery, they want proof of shipping. Weird. So I tell them I can provide that if they want, but I would've preferred them to tell me that this was missing and not the uninformative: we find for your buyer. Then they said: oh wait, we don't have an address, we would even turn you down if you provided proof of shipping because we can't verify the address. So then I told them I have "seller protection" and they told me in the initial email that I was eligible. Then they tried: "Well that's a general statement, not related to this transaction". Well.... with the Email saying you got X from Y for products A, B and C, seller protection: Eligible", I do not accept that everything is about this specific transaction, and this single statement is not.

In the end after 1.5 hours on the phone, they returned me my money, but told me: If this happens again, we need to have the address on file, get your web developer to fix your site.

TLDR: Paypal wants me to pass the address info to them when a client orders.

The issue
So... Paypal tells me there is an option to pass a client-address to them during the ordering process, and tells me that I'm not using it.

I've looked through the code a bit and found controller/payment/pp_standard.php which seems to be handling the "confirm order" button and IPN callback from paypal.

It seems to be putting the address stuff into the post request with the "confirm order" button just fine. I checked in my browser and my browser also reports sending stuff like address1=<my address> in the POST data sent to paypal. Sooo....

anbyody know what's going on?

Update: I've added code to log the data that the post will send to Paypal. That should improve my case should this sort of thing happen again.



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If you need seller protection, see the issue here You may be able to port the latest to 2.x without too much trouble.

Basically change payment_ to shipping_ for the following. ... hp#L77-L85
If you have items with no shipping your will have to test for this as well.

Change no_shipping to 2. ... rd.tpl#L40

However, the customer can change the shipping address when paying and this address is not use by OpenCart. So you must always send to the shipping address PayPal has and ignore your OpenCart one. To workaround this you can set address_override=1 and fix the missing state variable.

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