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I get an error when I try and edit the details of an order. Specifically when I get to page Payment Details and click on continue, it skips past the Shipping Details page straight to the Totals page and the Shipping Method dropdown is greyed out and I cannot click it or save any changes.


It's possible that it might be a mod or another extension but not able to determine which one it might be. The only custom shipping methods I have added are the Australia Post Calculator, and the mod that changes Requires Delivery to Free Shipping, but I have disabled both incase it is one of those, but they make no difference.

This product requires no shipping as such as it has the Free Shipping enabled on it. I did a test by editing another order which had a paid shipping option on it, eg. Australia Post, and it does not have an issue. I can edit all the details and the Shipping Method is not greyed out. It seems that this error only occurs when Free Shipping is selected.

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Post by opencartmart » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:02 pm

It simply means `no shipping method is available to show`
I guess the shipping module you use to offer free shipping becomes unavailable in admin and causing the issue.

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