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Hi I have just got a problem that had perplexed me for seven months.

Basically my OC store is in dual languages: English and Chinese. I had no problem delivering ebook downloads to customers who enter more information in English.

However, I always, yes ALWAYS, had problems with Chinese customers who entered Chinese characters upon account registration. Basically ALL these orders ended up being missing orders, i.e. I received the payment email from PayPal but the customers always complained not getting the downloads in their account and no order transaction recorded in their account. These orders were all marked "Cancelled" but in reality passed through the payment right till the success step.

I tried everything I could think of, including adjust settings on the PayPal side and on my store side. Anyway, none worked. I searched this forum up and down, did not find much updated information. Now I have got my problem resolved. So I write the following crucial points for my future use and maybe for your benefits :-)

My OC is now but the followings may apply to lower versions as well:

(1) ALWAYS enter your PRIMARY PayPal email at your OC store side - this is very important. Most people have several emails registered with one PayPal account that they think they can enter any of them. NO! Only and always enter your CURRENT PRIMARY email - you can change it on the PayPal side but make sure you also change it accordingly on you store side as well. You can screw up everything even when you get everything else right.

(2) If you OC store uses a language that is not English, make sure your set it that way in the Local section of your store Setting. If your store uses multiple languages with at least one involving non-English characters, you have to make sure the Local language is set to that. Special attention should be given in setting the PayPal language encoding. In my case, I use both the Classified Chinese and English. So I set the Local setting to Chinese rather than English. For the encoding setting on the PayPal side, Unicode (UTF-8) appears to be a cover-all setting.

(3) If you sell downloadable products, then for the "Order Status" (description: set the default order status when an order is processed) under Checkout of the Option area, you need to change it from "Pending" to "Complete"

The "Pending" status applies to stores that sell stuff that needs shipping. But if you sell digital products and you want your customers to be able to download them right after have paid at PayPal, then the status should not be "Pending" - it should be "Complete". Correct me if I am wrong here.

Anyway, I am just sharing what works for my shop. Hope the above helps you as well :-)

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Thanks,now I have the same problem,I am using opencart2.3.0.2,

my extension: ... estshop24h

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