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I'm looking for a way to configure something totally unique, or to find an extension that would support this. I haven't had any luck searching.

I have a client that does not ship product, they deliver product to designated drop off points at designated times of the month, and customers pick up the packaged food (dog food from a farm) out of the back of a frozen truck. There are typically two drop off times per city, so customers in that city will pick either time "A" or time "B". (I have a revised thought on this at the bottom of the email - no A or B, but rather just selecting a delivery date at time of order).

When placing an order, those customers would be selecting one of the drop off times.

I'd like some advice on how to implement this. I have a couple "hacks" that wouldn't involve a custom module, and I'm wondering if there is a better one?

Option 1.
Customer Groups. Have Customers only added to group A or group B.
--> CONS: Customers can't change their group themselves, so this would be tedious for the store owner.

Option 2.
Some how adding a "Required" product. IE set a required product (is this possible) of delivery A or B. Then the seller could manage their deliveries separately and report on them separately.
CONS: Don't know if it's possible to have a required product on each order, and this is not intuitive for the customer.

==> If someone has a solution above, the extended business rules would be order deadlines. IE for a June 30th delivery, you'd only be able to place that order by June 7th or earlier, otherwise you'd have to specify a different pickup date.

This poses the question of getting rid of delivery A/B but just selecting a date for drop off, and those dates would disappear when not valid.

This is a complicated one.. I hope I'm explaining it accurately enough. If you aren't quite sure what I mean, please ask what you would like clarified.





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You could use product options to require different times and/or different dates to be selected. eg. option 1 = location of pickup; option 2 = time of pickup, choices - morning or afternoon; option 3 = date of pick up, choices = future dates available. Each option would be required (this assumes a pattern of fixed combinations of the 3 options, but you'd have to decide what makes sense.)

The problem with this is I see no way to systematically expire an available date based on the calendar. So, the cart administrator would have to periodically update the options. You might be able to get creative with the use of the inventory count to simplify management. e.g. when the order by date is passed, set the inventory for the option to 0 so it will no longer appear to the customer. That way all the options could be preloaded and turned off or on by controlling the inventory for each particular option.

Practicality of this approach is obviously hghly dependent on the number and complexity of the product offerings


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