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Doesn't OC support hashtags with salt? Is there an easy way to do it?

I want to copy my old customers password from oscommerce to OC.

For example OC hash: 098f6bce4621d363cade4e932627b4f6 << edited the hash
For example OSC hash: $P$D5wHt4I9Nkjqo6Orm.5y8ONNocWPhe. << edited the hash

Thanks ;D

I use OC



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Post by Avvici » Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:54 am

Of course. All salting does is append a string to the beginning of the string to be hashed by md5. Great protection against Brute Force. Makes it nearly impossible

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$password = "banana";
$salt = "aB1cD2eF3G";
$password = md5($salt.$password);

You would of course have to modify how you validate passwords though.

Something like this I believe would suffice just fine:

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if (md5(md5($test_string). $test_string) == md5($salt.$password))
echo $test_string; // this is the password

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