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a couple of questions regarding upgrading / database backup

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:04 am
by jon22
could someone just confirm a couple of things to ensure ive done this correctly please.

in phpmyadmin i have exported my database with the following options selected
I just wanted to confirm with someone more experienced that this is correct. So i will delete all my old files / database, install the new oc on my server, then run my old database through sql and upload any modified files. as far as my research tells me this will be ok and the settings set for the database export will allow me to run the old one straight through as an sql query.

i think it would be a lot easier to just run the sql queries for the updates in 1.2.9 and upload the relevant files rather than complete new install - something to think about for the future- very good though, love open cart. Im really not experienced with the database side of things so i need to be sure about it before i delete the old one.
thanks in advance for your time.

Re: a couple of questions regarding upgrading / database backup

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:14 am
by jon22

ive just realised, when i import my database from my back up there are fields missing from the 1.2.9 installation?? little help please.