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My store has been running great on OC 1.4.
However I wanted to try it with 1.5.

I backed up my store and created a second folder on my FTP where I basically cloned my store to run tests.
I upgraded that "cloned" store to 1.5 but the upgrade seems to have also affected my original store.

Now my store doesn't show any items nor categories.
Also I can't log in to the admin, when I enter my login info I get the following error:

Error: Unknown column 'o.currency' in 'field list'
Error No: 1054
SELECT o.order_id, CONCAT(o.firstname, ' ', o.lastname) AS name, (SELECT FROM oc_order_status os WHERE os.order_status_id = o.order_status_id AND os.language_id = '1') AS status, o.date_added,, o.currency, o.value FROM `oc_order` o WHERE o.order_status_id > '0' ORDER BY o.date_added DESC LIMIT 0,10


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