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Have a few question:
1)Can i intall opencart on iis 7 ?
2)Does idevaffiliate support opencart ? Any special plugin/tutorial for this?
Thanks a lot for any advice


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Well, it can be done on IIS 7. I finally proved that. I just finished installing OpenCart 1.5.0 on in a Windows shared hosting environment(Windows Server 2008 I'm guessing) with IIS 7 installed. This is the first time I have ever tried, since I'm a linux guy, but with a little work, you can do it.

Issues and Problems I had to deal with:

1. Error 403 Forbidden Access
2. Write permissions on config files (and a few others mentioned in the install.txt file) which ends up sending you back to the 'Install' screen (/install/ directory) over and over
3. Config file settings for directories (DIR)


1. Open up your IIS 7 Manager and make sure your Default Document settings include 'index.php'. Mine didn't come with it as a default even though PHP was already installed and marketed as part of the hosting package.

2. During the install, the check for PHP settings and write permissions on files comes up. It says that the all the necessary files have write capability, but for me, that was NOT TRUE. When I checked the config.php files, they were all 0 bytes so I knew they had not been populated with the correct configuration. I had to go into's user permissions and set Read/Write/Delete permissions for 'Anonymous' (allows any visitor to the site) which was previously set at just Read. I then ran the install over again and checked the config files. After re-installing, the config files were now setup, but they didn't actually work which takes me to the next problem....

3. After getting the config files to be filled with the directory paths, site paths, and database configurations, I had to go in and reset all the 'DIR' settings (local paths to opencart website directories). This was rather interesting and had to play around with it for a while. My local paths were actually Windows network folder paths (not on a local machine). Below is an example of a typical Windows network folder path on a server:


I had to modify the config.php paths to this where every backslash is escaped by a backslash:


So your directory settings for config.php would look something like this:

// DIR
$home_dir = '\\\\HOSTING\\DFS\\22\\2\\2\\2\\2222222222\\user\\sites\\\\www\\';
define('DIR_APPLICATION', $home_dir . 'catalog\\');
define('DIR_SYSTEM', $home_dir . 'system\\');
define('DIR_DATABASE', $home_dir . 'system\\database\\');
define('DIR_LANGUAGE', $home_dir . 'catalog\\language\\');
define('DIR_TEMPLATE', $home_dir . 'catalog\\view\\theme\\');
define('DIR_CONFIG', $home_dir . 'system\config\\');
define('DIR_IMAGE', $home_dir . 'image\\');
define('DIR_CACHE', $home_dir . 'system\\cache\\');
define('DIR_DOWNLOAD', $home_dir . 'download\\');
define('DIR_LOGS', $home_dir . 'system\\logs\\');

You will obviously have to apply this same technique to the 'admin/config.php' file as well.

After taking care of both of these issues, my OpenCart store is up and running. I haven't gone live with the site yet and I haven't tried installing any modules, but the site is up and running as expected with no errors. If I run into anymore errors, I'll try to update them, but feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Hopefully this will help you. I couldn't find any help anywhere on this!



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I am trying to get this running on IIS as well. It seems to be working for the most part. However, it fairly consistently hangs on "Confirm Order". I can do an order or two and then it will just hang. It looks like the request is sent to the server but it never gets a response back.

I would greatly appreciate any help.




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Post by davidcropley » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:59 pm

If using IIS for Windows you will have to click on folder permissions for you websites folder contents, choose the secturity tab and then edit; Highlight IIS_IUSRS and allow write and modify as well. Lots of people say don't allow write access but I've never found this cuts it either on Ubuntu or Windows...

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