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I want to back up the database of my running website and then upload it to a new domain and hosting using 1.4.8 as well. However, I am unable to do this. I am selling downloadable products. I need your assistance in this matter. I can provide you phpmyadmin login for the database where you can download the database and other stuff you need. I am in a spot of bother right now. Can anyone assist me all the way?



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Post by JCO » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:39 am

If you are going to be at the same code level on your new domain ... in fact if you are just going to port over (copy over everything as is), then it should be pretty straight forward.

I am not an expert & I can't assist you all the way, but I will give you an overview here as I understand it ....

1) create a database on "new domain" with the same name, user(s) and password as the "old domain"

2) copy your "store" folder and all it's contents to your "store" folder on the "new domain"
3) copy any other folders associated with your "store" folder ... if they are outside your store folder to the "new domain"

4) on "old domain" backup your database via the OC Admin (System, Backup/Restore) to a file of your choice
5) on "new domain" restore your database via the OC Admin (System, Backup/Restore) from the file of your choice

I think that will do it!
Try it!

Other's can chime in here if see different ....

Also looks like config.php & admin/config.php will need to be updated for new host ... might be best to do a fresh OC install and then overlay files as stepped out above ... but again, I am not an expert at this yet!

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