Post by guisauer » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:32 pm

I'm considering ugrading from 1.3.4 to
What can I expect from the upgrade process?
Any main big changes I'll have to make? like: upgrading databases, any changes necessary to get the modules to work, etc.... any tips ahead of time are greatly appreciated!

would like some guidance from people who've done it, so I know what to expect. Thanks!!!

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Post by Qphoria » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:01 pm

You will have to start fresh from the default template
You will need to disable any old modules or get updated versions of them
The rest is pretty easy. Just install and run the upgrade script

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Post by madimar » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:56 pm

Hi Q,
just a simple and short consideration... why not to include these simple advices in upgrading guide (and readme)?
I have been exactly looking for this info, and I just found this post after some searches.
I think it could be useful, considering most of people upgrades from not default site...

By the way, coming back again to the point, may I ask you some advices more regarding update?
I have a site in production with a customized template and a lot of mods and customized modules in 1.3.2.

To update to in the cleanest and safest way, I'm thinking to proceed in this way (sort of advanced high level guide):

1) Install a plain on my PC in xampp environment
2) Create new template (from old one), looking for updated modules and perform necessary changes in the code in order to have all things I need.
When all seems properly working:
3) Put the site in maintenance mode, freezing changes/orders/activities
4) Backup production site and DB
5) Transfer backup in another xampp environment on my PC and upgrade via script (mainly to update DB)
6) Link the site of point 2, to updated DB from point 4 and last check
7) Transfer site and DB on production host (removing old one)

Operations 3-7 do be done in a short period in order to limit site outage (better if during low-traffic time, night or week end)

What do you think about? Is it advisable in your opinion to proceed in this way?
I would appreciate every advice or recommendation. You know, updating production sites seems still a delicate operation...

thanks in advance for answers to everybody,


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