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I'm upgrading my shop to and am testing by installing it into a sub folder first of all.

I copied the existing public_html folder into a new folder -
- Imported the database into the new one

From here I followed the instructions that were apart of the "" zip file:
- Renamed config.php and admin/config.php to 'config.bak'
- Downloaded OC from opencart and uploaded the files over to
- Renamed 'config.bak' back to 'config.php' in both the main folder and admin/ folder.
- Updated the URLs and paths in both config files
- Ran the upgrade script ( ... to-15x.php - There were some execute errors -

At this point the instructions say to post these errors in the forum post and wait for a reply from OC to review.

However for the sake of trying to complete the install, I proceeded anyway:
- Visited and started the upgrade process. Which completed successfully -
- Deleted the install folder

So after the upgrade, the products don't load. I'm assuming this is because of those errors when I ran the "upgrade-14x-to-15-x.php" file -

Therefore I'm posting these errors to the OC forums - if anyone can offer some advice / fix then any help would be gratefully received.
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Post by IP_CAM » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:02 am

Well, if you compare a v. installation Database with one out of your
old Version, as on the image shown below, by comparing a v. DB with
one of a v., you will find out, why Upgrades will not work, as planned,
since the OC Upgrade function has no influence on creating different Tables
and their Content. You therefore need to UPGRADE your DB, by example
by use of a Service like this:
I would advise you, to make a clean OC v. Install, or better, install the
latest Release ever built, since it contains a range of fixes, still found
in v., to make sure, to have the best edition of that Version: ... 306fb75707
you can find info on this by reading here about as well:
Good Luck ;)



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