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I am on v1.4.9.1 and have been aware for some time I need to upgrade. Please bear with me while I explain the circumstances.

About a year ago I attempted to upgrade to v1.5.x but it was not successful as the Virtual Server I had did not have a required feature. I could have paid to have it installed but as I am in the process of moving sites away from there that seemed pointless. I restored from backup and all was well.

I have since transferred it to a new shared hosting server (under a new domain name), with another benefit in mind that SSL is provided free with it.

However, I have not got it fully working as a few features (such as the critical requirement to log into an account) do not work. Logs show this is caused by a limitation of PHP Safe Mode. Fair enough.

On the basis that I am told PHP Safe Mode does not exist on more recent incarnations of PHP am I right to I assume that an Opencart upgrade should resolve such problems? (I can set the hosting to use more-or-less any version of PHP from V5.3 upwards).

Could I please be advised on the best upgrade path? There seem to be so many versions to choose from.

It may be that for my own peace of mnd it would be wise to get a professional to carry out the upgrade, but I think I need to know where I am going first.

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Well, OC v.2.3.x is already History, and Dev's are very busy at present to get familiar with OC v.3 !
It's available from Github for those, eager to be part of the Tester-Family. As a consequence, OC v2.3.x
or older V-2 Versions will so no longer be of great interest for/to most, I fear. I would rather wait, and
keep an eye on the new V-3, and pray, that it will not take a v. or more, to get it, as planned.

I still depend on the latest proven Engine, to me, so strictly UN-technically, not very much changed,
I still find a lot of very similar looking V.2 files and code. Exept for new Techniques, partly implemented in OC 3,
but for the time beeing, this is of little concern to me, I won't need them anyway.

Still, changing to responsive 1.5.6 Themes usually requires one to eventually rewrite some existing Extensions,
to match the new Theme Layount and Responsivenes.

Whatever you'll decide on, it's kind of a Gamble. And combined with a lot of work, in most Cases. And OC
has limited Test Capacity, they also heavy depend on Dev's and Fan's, to 'field-test' their Work, partly combined
with custom Extensions, Themes, whatever. Compare it with giant Microsoft, still, not a single Version was/is ever
free of misses, in their first releases at least ...

Good Luck !

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Thanks, Ernie,

Looking deeper at the forum it looks as if the upgrade path is in fact easier than it was when I last tried. The "Beta 3 upgrade" at ... 5ed2f180e5 seems to solve the issues that then existed and do all the work that had to be done manually. Hopefully!

So it seems I can apply that script and then instantly upgrade to version 2?

I have no add-on extensions and only minor template mods (small wording changes, which I'm not bothered if I lose).

Owing to the urgency to get the site up and running (I have customers waiting) I think I had better stick to the latest stable version 2 and consider version three at a later date, thanks all the same.

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