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How to be selective about what appears on a given page?

I successfully installed OpenCart, then added the AquaCart (<great support Kal!) :) responsive theme to it and all is well there. My client wanted a unique bordering element above and a navigation element to the left of the default store and I edited the themes header.tpl to support that and even added bootstrap and am making the elements responsive. All of that is going well but now I'm on a quest for increased "element level" mastery.

To quick summarize, my client (and therefore I also) want to be able to create pages that may only display a few elements from the cart. Initially they want the root index page to simply feature his nav element at the top and left, the slideshow (from the theme installed) a custom set of four equal sized icons arranged horizontally, and the opencart footer element.

It could be that we are simply redirecting within a page added to the system within the "shop" directory (where the cart is) so it can be within that directory if required though I think I'd prefer it be the actual root page. Any quick tips on accomplishing this? ???

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