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I was finally able to accomplish this by adding the line "session.cookie_domain =" to php.ini (no PHP code changes to OC!). I'm using OC and PHP5.3. My domain has SSL cert and I have one subdomain (no SSL) with which I wanted to share the cart; it works!

I had to enable php.ini support in my cPanel to get it working, as at first my server was using a global php.ini and wasn't picking up the php.ini file that I added to my server's root directory (you can verify this by running phpinfo.php).

I also got it working by adding the line "php_value session.cookie_domain" to the bottom of my .htaccess file. But this only worked on my local install; my live/production site returned a 500 error (not sure why). Note that to get this to work with your localhost, you need to have domain extensions on your local domains. For example, I am using virtual hosts and have my websites set up as "http://website1", "http://website2", etc. But to get this directive to work (share cart with subdomains across multi-store setup), I had to change it to "" and "".

- ... subdomains
- ... -localhost
- ... ual-hosts/

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