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I have a product that has 9 options (9 sizes). I offer this as a retail and wholesale product.
Initial cost is 129.99 for retail, and 20% off so 103.99 for Wholesale.
The way I want to do this is have the wholesale folks log in to the store and when they log in, they have their special pricing which is less than retail. To show that it is less than retail, I want to use a SPECIAL price because it crosses out the old retail and shows them their price, so they feel good about the discount and can see what it is.

This only works for the first item, though, and does not apply to all. Any way to make the special discount a percentage instead of a number so it goes across all options?

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Post by tacobandito » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:41 am


Unfortunately, there's no way to add the special price as a percentage...

The best way i've found is to dynamically create a coupon when someone hits the add to cart button. Maybe there's a module out there, but I haven't found it...

I wrote about how to create that kind of coupon on my blog (it's in my signature below)

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hey, take a look, maybe it's what you need ;) ... n_id=15727



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