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I need a module that can help me with the following, in example:

Product dimensions:
Length: 3.5 cm
Width: 22 cm
Hight: 28 cm
Actual weight: 240 grams

Volumetric weight: (3.5*22*28)/5000 = 431 grams

Correct thing would be to take the 431 grams instead of 240 grams value.

What con you suggest me?

Best wishes.



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Post by Johnathan » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:28 am

What you need is not an extension that modifies the product area, but a shipping extension capable of doing volumetric/volume-based calculations. My Formula-Based Shipping extension can do this, so you can create a weight-based rate and a volumetric rate, then take the higher of the two costs (which is exactly like taking the higher of the two weights).

Volumetric rates are just volume-based rates with an additional factor, so you just need to know how to set that up properly. Here's an example where the cost if $5.00 for 0-200 grams, $10.00 for 200-400 grams, $15.00 for 400-600 grams, etc. The volumetric factor is 5 (for grams , which is 5000 for kg), as in your example:

Title: Weight-Based Rate
Group: A
Charge Type: Weight
Charge Field:
0-200 = 5.00
200-400 = 10.00
400-600 = 15.00

Title: Volume-Based Rate
Group: B
Charge Type: Volume
Charge Field:
0-1000 = 5.00
1000-2000 = 10.00
2000-3000 = 15.00
Sort Order: 1
Title Combination: Single Title
Groups Required: (leave blank)
Formula: MAX(A, B)

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