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With core setup I don't see a way to define shipping info for U.S. Because my listed items all vary in size and weight it is difficult to try to automate the charges. Is there a way or a mod that will allow a Customer to submit an order, and then require me to enter the shipping cost, and then allow the customer to pay for the order?



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No I don't think I've ever seen anything like that, the best way would to be slighty over with your costs so you don't lose out

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I'm actually working on an extension that should allow you to do this. You'd need to let customers check out using a $0.00 cost shipping option, and a free payment method (like Cash On Delivery, retitled to whatever you want). You could then use my extension to edit the Shipping line item on the order, and my extension would send a link to the customer where they could pay.

I'm still in the early stages so it's not ready yet, but I'll try and post here when it's finished. If you have any questions or feature requests in the meantime, feel free to send them to me at

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