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I am using Open Cart v1.52 and I am using Ship Station. I have a two part question. The first part to my question is how do I get the Tracking numbers show up in the customer history. Ship Station already sends the Tracking and places it into the customer history. Please notice in the attached screenshot that the tracking number is already provided by Ship Station. The only reason it is not showing up is because under "Customer Notified" is being set to "NO" on the third line.

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How do I get the customer Notified to be "Yes" automatically. I know if I cut and paste the Tracking number myself into the comment section the customer can see that. It is impossible for me to do this for each order.

The second part of my question I would like to turn this Tracking Number so once it is posted so customers can see it that it is a Hyperlink that a customer can click on and get tracking update. This part is NOT as important as to just getting the tracking number to simply show up in the customer history.

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Hi David; Did you find a solution to this issue?



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ShipStation itself has a section where you can set up email templates to be sent to the customer when you print postage out in their system, that is why this does not send the email from the opencart side.

I would give them a call and I am sure they would be more than happy to walk you through it ( I have used ShipStation for the past 3 years)

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2019 here.
Any update on this?
My customers can't see their tracking number in order history without notification to YES

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