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Using PayPal Payments Standard in OpenCart

PayPal just condenses all the order details (Shipping, Discount, Tax) into one item, called "Shipping, Handling, Discounts & Taxes".

I found a solution to this issue for OpenCart 1.5.1 here: viewtopic.php?t=43728, but I need a solution for OpenCart (or an OpenCart extension from the marketplace, if anyone knows of one, I would gladly purchase it).

Below is an image showing the transaction in OpenCart (showing Shipping, Coupon and State Tax), and then another image showing the same transaction in PayPal.

I am using ShipStation to print my shipping labels (from address information in PayPal), but I have to print the packing slips from OpenCart, as PayPal doesn't itemize the transaction.

Thank you in advance!

OpenCart Transaction:

Same Transaction in PayPal:

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