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The Payson payment module only works for SEK and EUR currencies when going through with the payment, and doesnt show up as a payment when you change to other currencies, in my example USD and DKK.

I managed to change the code a bit so Payson would show up as payment method when USD and DKK is active, but when making payment for example 76USD it will show up as 76EUR instead of 69EUR when on Paysons website.

So it doesnt convert, would appreciate if someone can help with the code to convert to the correct currency that Payson uses.

Following is the code i changed to make Payson module show up in USD and DKK



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private $currency_supported_by_p_direct = array('SEK', 'EUR');

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private $currency_supported_by_p_direct = array('SEK', 'EUR', 'USD', 'DKK');
on line 5

the module can be found here for free if someone can help me fix the conversion issue. ... n_id=10923


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