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My MODULES page has disappeared.

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:10 pm
by animalf3ar
I installed an extension andterwards my modules page didn't worked anymore. "The page doesn't exist". Please help me.

Re: My MODULES page has disappeared.

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:24 pm
by Johnathan
1. Contact the extension developer for support. It's unlikely someone on the forum can help you with a commercial extension.

2. Try refreshing your ocMod cache in Extensions > Modifications. If you're using one of my newer extensions with OpenCart 2.0.x.x, you need to do that to update a file to work like 2.1, after which the Extensions > Modules page should work normally. If that doesn't fix it, then it's probably not one of my extensions, but if it is you can contact me for support here: