Post by swiftws » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:04 am

Installed magic zoom extension and had to remove it due to errors . Now files are removed but unable to get rid off from vqmod cache.
Admin section works fine apart MODULES section showing nothing with message below .
"Page Not Found!
The page you are looking for could not be found! Please contact your administrator if the problem persists."


Warning: include(/controller/module/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_modification_catalog_controller_common_header.php on line 36Warning: include(/controller/module/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home//public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_modification_catalog_controller_common_header.php on line 36Warning: include(): Failed opening '/controller/module/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/opt/alt/php54/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php54/usr/share/php') in /home/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_modification_catalog_controller_common_header.php on line 36
Fatal error: Call to undefined function setModuleHeaders() in /home/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_modification_catalog_controller_common_header.php on line 240

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Post by IP_CAM » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:33 am

Well, it's missing the file, you have probably uploaded to someplace else.
But this Extension is about the best example, I have ever found, on, how it
should NOT be done
. It's one Extension, for all OC-Versions, as it looks,
and it so uploads unwanted crab, just to cover all versions, seemengly only to
avoid to create specific Version Downloads, a very very unpro way! :crazy:
And if a FTP Client is NOT configured to UPLOAD .inc extension-labeled
files in ASCII Mode, such files may be uploaded like image-files in BINARY Mode,
and so possibly not work as planned. -
A Newbie would eventually not exactly read the lousy Installation information first,
and so upload the entire content of the ZIP, but even the Install-Info is incomplete,
they did not mention, what to do, if one uses no VqMod in OC-2 :laugh:
You should better not waste your time with such Code, it's not worth the task.
Just my personal impression, from looking at it, good Luck ! ;)

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Post by swiftws » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:55 am

Hi Ernie ,
Much appreciated for your comments. Yes it was module folder wasn't removed and that was causing the problem. Its a Vqmod and oc mod but also comes with lots of crap . There arent any clear instructions just says if vqmod doesnt work simply upload main entire folder.
this problem is now solved but other started. thanks anyways.

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Post by Magic Toolbox » Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:05 pm

Hi swiftws & IP_CAM,

Thanks for the feedback, which is appreciated. We try to make Magic Zoom as easy as possible to install on any version of OpenCart. It normally installs straight away, just by following the steps. We've taken on board your points IP_CAM and sorry that it didn't install correctly swiftws.

We can quickly install it for you if you send us a login to your OpenCart admin and FTP. You can send it to our secure form here:


Magic Toolbox

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Post by sally46 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:41 pm

If you already upload this file , just dont delete it.



Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:04 pm
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