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I'm not exactly sure what's going on, my theme has an option to concatenate its css and js, I was having some trouble with the common css file continuing to grow in size for whatever reason, so I disabled the concatenate option and it stopped growing, but two extensions have stopped working, one in particular the one page quick checkout extension is not letting me access the edit function and is now not showing when checking out, just the default checkout is showing.

When I press on the edit button, it just disables itself. So I press the install button and that works fine, but as soon as I press the edit button it just disables it again saying Success: You have modified modules! ??

I found every file that corresponds to the extension and deleted then and reinstalled via extension manager with no errors, but same thing happens? Not sure what's going on. The theme is called boxed from themeforest.

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Well, you probably better get in contact with your Custom Theme Provider,
no-one else would be able to know about such, not familar with that Theme.
Good Luck!

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