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Export/Import Tool for OC I Cannot Find Its Menu

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:57 pm
by mustaphaturk
i am newbie for OC and i have new installation Turkish. I already install "Local copy OCMOD by iSenseLabs" (fix for module installer) and then Export/Import Tool for OpenCart 2.0.x. I did everything succesfully and gave permissions from administrator but i cannot see exp./imp. tool under tool menu.

By the way i changed a few things:

my admin folder name is different than "admin"
i put a Turkish folder to: upload/theadmin/language
i changed install.xml
line 6
<file path="theadmin/controller/common/menu.php">
line 20
<file path="theadmin/language/*/common/menu.php">
<file path="theadmin/view/template/common/menu.tpl">

changed folder name also as theadmin so there are 2 folder in upload:
theadmin and system

modification is succesful but i cannot find its menu.
did i do unnecessary changes or what is wrong?