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Hi All...

I just installed OC 2.0. I have a theme installed on it. When trying to activate the Bestseller and Latest modules from the admin, I get the following error in the admin interface:
Notice: Undefined variable: registry in /home/valappil/public_html/ on line 91
Fatal error: Call to a member function set() on a non-object in /home/valappil/public_html/ on line 91

The lines 89-91 in index.php are as follows:

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require_once(DIR_SYSTEM . 'library/themeoptions.php');
$theme_options = new ThemeOptions($config->get('config_template'), $store, $theme);
$registry->set('theme_options', $theme_options);
Appreciate your help!


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Post by fido-x » Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:45 am

You've made some modifications to your index.php file.

There is no "library/themeoptions.php" in OpenCart. That file would be related to the theme you're using (which is probably from an older version of OpenCart).

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