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Hi everyone
I would like to get some help and I'm counting that somebody will be eager to help me with my problem.
I'm working on the shop backend and my boss got an extension that allows editing order prices from admin order edit panel he asked me to change the module to get a price in the panel from order rather than from product which is default way for OC.
I've stuck a bit working on that and I have no idea how to move around my problem I've managed to load price from order although it's now stuck in a loop that replaces price every time I'm trying to edit it so I've bit broken the whole idea of editing the prices.
I had tried to replace prices with js and PHP using ancillary variable although that didn't work very well and prices remained stuck in a loop.
the module is using ajax to replace the price in real-time and then replace it so I tried to use ajax too but I'm not sure how to use it properly.
I'm a bit of a newbie in ajax, JSON and stuff like that and that's probably my biggest problem in working out this problem.
My OC version is



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You should better post in the commercial forum for this.
1. you are a newbie
2. you are working for somebody else
3. looks like the whole thing is a company

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