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We have a OC webshop with many products and so many locations in our warehouse. Some products are combined as a set.
Currently we are working like this, a combined product has a extra text field which describes every product in the set. Main location = set.
The product locations on the packing slip are orderned by location, so A, B, C etc.

Product from the set are all around the warehouse, so when a order is being picked, it could be that a collegue pickes a product from location A, B, F, but then has to pick a product from A again because that is in a set.

We are looking for a combine product module where the products are split on the packing slip, but combined on the invoice.

I have searched and found this module, it looks great but it seems like it still shows as 1 line on the packing slip.. it does show as 1 line on the invoice.
I've send him a message to check how it is on the packing slip, because there is no demo. ... ch=combine

Does anybody maybe know a other module for this?

Many thanks

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