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I have a site where I sell buttons and i have an option on each button (Large, Small) what I need is that when someone orders a button in either large or small for all the products with that same option to also reduce in stock (keeping the option stock volume in sync on all products)

Been searching but unable to find what I am looking for.

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Post by IP_CAM » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:16 am

Well, Options are no 'global' variables, but individually added VALUES
to each Product. Otherways, an option would have to be 'handled' like
a Product, but this would require to rewrite large portions of OC Code in
a rather massive way. And it would be very expensive to create, I assume.
And your OC would no longer be capable, to 'handle' many Extensions either,
the way it did before ... :'(
As I look at this, at least, but I am not a Coder either ... :D

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