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Hello everyone..
if i have different sku for different options(using extension), how can i export product sheet with different i want different sku for xl and xxl i want 2 rows separately for both of them in product sheet.
Actually i want to have same product sheet across different marketplaces like amazon..As in amazon,all variations are different sku but in opencart i hv single sku for all options..
Its like if i have a product with sku "ABC" with 2 options in opencart, in Amazon i would have two different sku like ABCXL and ABCXXL. so basically i want same sku for my store and marketplaces.
So is it should i go about it?



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Post by straightlight » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:24 am

Similar as this post's request: viewtopic.php?f=198&t=202834&p=716921&h ... nc#p716921 . The best solution would be by synching the data between Amazon and your store.

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