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Hello to community,

I would like to help me to choose the most suitable module for my requirements. I will create a website which gonna sell t-shirts. All i want to do is to allow my client to create in a custom way his t-shirt with a variety of logo's which i will have them saved in a database. So i would like a module which is gonna be compatible with journal theme , a module which can allow a user to create his own idea on my t-shirts , and a module which can collect my logo's from my database. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.!



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Well, please accept, that this is no Consumer Forum Place, where Users likely tell others
about their Findings and Experiences. Online Marketing it's a highly competitive Field, so,
keeping 'secrets' secret is a highly important factor, when it comes to tell others, how to
possibly save time and money. And that's, what's all about, for most everybody involved. ::)
Good Luck ;)

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