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Hi All,

We have just changed over from an old x-cart shopping cart to a new Opencart V

In our old xcart transactions, we used Thunderbird email, and an add-on called Quicktext.

This allowed us to easily add selected text templates into the body of the email.

It also allowed us to send the same email from our Sales department to the customer, and CC the supplier of the goods, as well as me at times.

This gives the supplier all of the customers transaction details for shipping, or downloading of software.



This of course would need to be sent from the customers orders email system add on history, instead of an outside client such as Thunderbird. So it needs multiple email CC choices, and a text template system of some sort.

I have been going through the extensions, but I can't see anything that does both of these tasks.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Perhaps there is something that integrates Thunderbird into the Opencart system easily.

Cheers Don...

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