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I'm selling heavy machinery so it has to be a custom quote. So I can't use "Flat Rate" or "Postage" as shipping option to export my product from OC to eBay. When I select "freight" as an option in drop down for the shipping method. I don't get "ad payment" button and get a validation error on submission "At least one valid postage service must be specified." I want to use "Freight:large items over 150lb / Other freight service subcategory. I did sync with the eBay settings. I just installed the OpenBay Pro module so it's supposed to be up to date. I use Opencart store as primary system for inventory and product management.
I'm reluctant signing up for their pay plan until I square away the product export issues. Any suggestions?
Thanks and Happy New Year.

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Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:07 pm
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