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I Am Using Oc V With The Free Export/Import Tool And It Was Working Just Fine Until We Migrated From Our Host..

When I Go To Export My Files And Click The Export Tab It Takes About 2-4 Mins Then Goes To Page Not Found Everything Else In My Admin And Website Works Just Fine.

My Hosting Says No Errors Are Found And In My Error Log In Opencart Admin No Errors Are Listed. The File Is Not That Large

When I limit the batches to 1000 it works, how ever I have 2000 products.

I am hosted on a vps with 5G Ram and resource is not an issue.

They Said It Should Not Time Out Because I Have 3600 Time Allowed. I Have Seen A Few Similar Post And Googled But Without A Resolution.

Does Anyone Have Any Input?

Here is my php.ini

magic_quotes_gpc = Off;
register_globals = Off;
default_charset = UTF-8;
memory_limit = 4096M;
max_execution_time = 3600;
upload_max_filesize = 999M;
safe_mode = Off;
mysql.connect_timeout = 200;
session.use_only_cookies = On;
session.cookie_lifetime = 900;
session.use_trans_sid = Off;
session.cookie_httponly = On;
session.gc_maxlifetime = 900;
allow_url_fopen = on;
;display_errors = 1;
;error_reporting = E_ALL;
date.timezone = "Europe/Paris";




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Post by Ardozs » Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:28 am

Still having the issue.

Any one encountered this error ? Any solutions ?



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Post by artcore » Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:55 am

A 1000 or so products shouldn't take any longer than a few seconds, maybe a bit longer if you have lots of options/attributes.

- Did you check the Apache logs for the exact timeframe?
- Did the import do anything
- Also, is your vps running on fastcgi handler? In that case the php max_execution won't take and has to be set in Apache via a switch. Don't know by heart, something like 'fcgiTimeOut'

Anyway, 2~4 minutes is 120~240 seconds of exec time but that should be enough.

It also usually ends in a 500 server error, not a 404 page not found. Can you make sure via the network tab in developer tools (F12 in browser) that the response is indeed a 500?

Run a copy on localhost to verify it's indeed a server issue. (XAMP, WAMP)

Or I can do an import with your Excel on one of my test servers to see what's happening.
That extension works well in general, just so you know!

Thinking out loud :)

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Post by mercurysa » Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:05 pm

Hi there! Having the same issue. All php settings are fine according to phpinfo.
Running fastCGI on server. Did anyone fix this?




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