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Running a test OC 2.0 with Journal theme. Looking to make some integrations of stock OC modules with the theme.

Also, my journal theme has a grayish background. I plan to offer paypal checkout. When enabled it shows up as a white box in my gray background. I would like that to be fixed.

Wanting some customization on the OC 2.0 Journal.
Theme already features product tabs/blocks, and the ability to link to the OC stock contact form.
On the product page I would like to add an additional tab so when a customer clicks it they are taken to a form like the stock OC contact form, but it has sections where the customers can enter specific item data and the form then emails the store.

I'd also like login with paypal/facebook hard coded to the theme, on the login page, under the existing login button. The add module to layout function isn't what I want.

I also want checkout with paypal to be hard coded on the checkout page itself.

Where would I look to accomplish these?

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Post by IP_CAM » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:29 am

Where would I look to accomplish these?
At best, by asking for Support in the commercial Forum Section,
and some also seek help on such trought Facebook. But it's also
very risky, to let unknown People work on your Server, they are
not only able to steal everything existing, but also add some
unwanted Goodies. Like possibly mis-using your Server CPU/Memory
for virtual Currency Mining, and other Stuff, or just wait, to one day
steal your Customer related Data, or redirect Payments to their Accounts.
So better don't take the cheapest Supporter, it might end up to be the most
expensive One...
Good Luck! ;)

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