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I would like to add delivery information which is created in information page. I want for the same template to appear for every product page. And when I change the info in information page I want that info to change in all product pages as well.

I can handle the html part of product page, but I am no good with MODEL and CONTROL. I am pretty sure it is easy, just need to be led to the right direction.

Can anyone help me out?



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Post by IP_CAM » Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:11 am

This Extension would exactly do, what you plan, unfortunately, it's only for v.1.5.6.x Versions,
as it comes. But if you are familiar with Code, it should be no huge problem, to make it work.
Can be seen in temporary test-action here: ... ct_id=1597 ... on_id=6857
But you could also use this one, to add Content, from one place, to every Product Page, this one
seems to work with some OC v.2 Versions as well:
Product Warranty Details Lite ... n_id=23950
Or then try this too:
All Layouts by viethemes. ... n_id=21258
Just an idea... ;)
Good Luck

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