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Hi, i'm having trouble working out how to fix an undefined variable in my template.

i'm getting this error:

this is line 154 in return_form.tpl

Code: Select all

<label class="col-sm-2 control-label" for="input-captcha"><?php echo $entry_captcha; ?></label>
this is my related language file for this web page "return.php" and the variable is there so why the error? the webpage if it helps is ... return/add

Code: Select all

// Heading
$_['heading_title']      = 'Product Returns';

// Text
$_['text_account']       = 'Account';
$_['text_return']        = 'Return Information';
$_['text_return_detail'] = 'Return Details';
$_['text_description']   = 'Please complete the form below to request an RMA number.';
$_['text_order']         = 'Order Information';
$_['text_product']       = 'Product Information & Reason for Return';
$_['text_message']       = '<p>Thank you for submitting your return request. Your request has been sent to the relevant department for processing.</p><p> You will be notified via e-mail as to the status of your request.</p>';
$_['text_return_id']     = 'Return ID:';
$_['text_order_id']      = 'Order ID:';
$_['text_date_ordered']  = 'Order Date:';
$_['text_status']        = 'Status:';
$_['text_date_added']    = 'Date Added:';
$_['text_comment']       = 'Return Comments';
$_['text_history']       = 'Return History';
$_['text_empty']         = 'You have not made any previous returns!';
$_['text_agree']         = 'I have read and agree to the <a href="%s" class="agree"><b>%s</b></a>';
$_['text_captcha']       = 'Captcha';

// Column
$_['column_return_id']   = 'Return ID';
$_['column_order_id']    = 'Order ID';
$_['column_status']      = 'Status';
$_['column_date_added']  = 'Date Added';
$_['column_customer']    = 'Customer';
$_['column_product']     = 'Product Name';
$_['column_model']       = 'Model';
$_['column_quantity']    = 'Quantity';
$_['column_price']       = 'Price';
$_['column_opened']      = 'Opened';
$_['column_comment']     = 'Comment';
$_['column_reason']      = 'Reason';
$_['column_action']      = 'Action';

// Entry
$_['entry_order_id']     = 'Order ID';
$_['entry_date_ordered'] = 'Order Date';
$_['entry_firstname']    = 'First Name';
$_['entry_lastname']     = 'Last Name';
$_['entry_email']        = 'E-Mail';
$_['entry_telephone']    = 'Telephone';
$_['entry_product']      = 'Product Name';
$_['entry_model']        = 'Product Code';
$_['entry_quantity']     = 'Quantity';
$_['entry_reason']       = 'Reason for Return';
$_['entry_opened']       = 'Product is opened';
$_['entry_fault_detail'] = 'Faulty or other details';
$_['entry_captcha']      = 'Enter the code in the box below';

// Error
$_['text_error']         = 'The returns you requested could not be found!';
$_['error_order_id']     = 'Order ID required!';
$_['error_firstname']    = 'First Name must be between 1 and 32 characters!';
$_['error_lastname']     = 'Last Name must be between 1 and 32 characters!';
$_['error_email']        = 'E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid!';
$_['error_telephone']    = 'Telephone must be between 3 and 32 characters!';
$_['error_product']      = 'Product Name must be greater than 3 and less than 255 characters!';
$_['error_model']        = 'Product Model must be greater than 3 and less than 64 characters!';
$_['error_reason']       = 'You must select a return product reason!';
$_['error_captcha']      = 'Verification code does not match the image!';
$_['error_agree']        = 'Warning: You must agree to the %s!';



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