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Invoice Issue when printed

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:05 am
by stclare
Another issue we have noticed with the invoice: where it lists your company's website address when you view the invoice in the browser it looks right, but when you look at the invoice in print preview or print it off, it lists your website address twice. The second URL is in parenthesis right under the first URL.

Web Site: http//

Again, when you view the invoice on your screen, it doesn't have the second URL in parenthesis, but it throws it in when you print it out(also in print preview).

Re: Invoice Issue when printed

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:46 am
by stclare
We just now figured out the problem of two URLs we asked about in this post.

In the file order_invoice.tpl , Line 34 there was this code:

<b><?php echo $text_website; ?></b> <a href="<?php echo $order['store_url']; ?>"><?php echo $order['store_url']; ?></a></td>

We figured that the anchor was making it add the extra URL in the invoice when we printed. We pulled the anchor code out, since it's not necessary to have the URL as anchor, since it's an invoice for printing off for customers, and it prints normal now.

Before we pulled the anchor out, when we viewed the invoice in our browser it only showed one URL, but it was a hyperlink. But, when we went to print it off(or in print preview), it would show two URLs right above each other with one in parenthesis, with neither one as a hyperlink(blue). It is weird how it keeps changing things when printing the invoice off, even after the code changes you gave us.