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I'm trying to optimize my new site using several online tools, including
One common thread in most reports: images could be further compressed, and Progressive JPEG is recommended.

So, questions:

1.) Is it possible to set a different compression level? If so, where & how?

2.) Is it possible to use Progressive JPEGs as the output?

3.) Is it possible to disable image caching COMPLETELY, and use pre-optimized JPGs?

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Post by AlexDW » Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:11 am

1. Better if you prepared images before upload in Opencart (use Photoshop or similar software for this)
In Opencart you can set image compression value manually in file system\library\image.php

in line

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public function save($file, $quality = 90) {
where 90 - image compression value (by default and recommended)

2. Yes, to add Progressive JPEGs also in this file system\library\image.php

before line

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imagejpeg($this->image, $file, $quality);
add this

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imageinterlace($this->image, true);
3. Not recommended

PS: after change 1-2 need to clear images cache folder

Useful Opencart extensions

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