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Don't even try upgrading to from earlier versions. I tried upgrading a live store from after reading all the other posts and using the "fix" scripts some of the good folks posted on the forum. It was a monster disaster, one set of errors after another... a few hours later I rolled everything back to the relative safety of

I really don't understand why the moderators don't post an official warning and why more that 30 days after the release of this version there is no tried and tested fix in the form of another release. I am sorry to not provide any details of what happened during the upgrade attempt, its been a week since I rolled back, I have to focus on the business itself, after all the holiday season is here. I can say that I had much of the same of every error, missing steps, half baked instructions, etc. as everyone else trying this upgrade already posted in this forum.

Hope to have a before the year expires - x15

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>> I really don't understand why the moderators don't post an official warning <<

... an official Warning about what? No official Posting exists, anywhere, telling anyone,
to urgently update/upgrade working OC Versions, in order to keep something in order.
It's more like scrapping a running Car, just to find out later, that the Wheels with 4
good Winter Tires, stored in the Garage, now have another Dimension, on the latest Model,
one just got himself, but without Wheels... :-\

It's more just very unprofessional Handling, destroying something existing, by overwriting functional
Software, some, or even, most of it enhanced in one of about 5'000 possible Forms. Then, seemengly,
expecting it to function, just like a Microsoft Win auto-install Routine. It would be similar to, using some
Win10 Sections, to 'update/upgrade' a running Win XP. :laugh: Plus, even MS screw's up, once in a while...

And it would make not much sense, to post Warnings, if so many start to come here and read/write
only, after they already screwed up. :choke:

Nothing personal, No offense! :)
And not a Moderator either!

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