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Hi all

I Really need some help !

I purchased an online shop from ebay ( open cart one) the man who sold it to me said he would import the files of the stock that I gave him from the drop shipper and have it all set up and running he charged me just over £250 all he has provided me with is a blank shop I have the log in details but I don't know how to import all the products at once. I purchased the shop as I had to leave my Job due to being diagnosed with Cancer and need to carry on earning some money. He is now no longer a registered ebay member I really am in trouble here



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I know how frustrating it can be when people don't help you the way you feel they should - especially if you pay for it.

I am sorry to learn of your inconvenience. I hope I could help you more, but I am just as much a newbie on here.

Providing the shop/databases are all set up, use the Export/Import extension from JNeuhoff. This is what I am using and it is honestly the best way to import/export that I found.

Hope it helps.

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As above, highly recommend!
Copy and paste data into relevant fields, upload, and your done.

Visit and I would be happy to receive any thoughts or problems you pick up on! I am a new business, have had successfull previous companies and New to developing a software based website. Thank you.

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