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I am installing OpenCart in Cpanel as in addon domain and finding issues with installation in step 3. Any help.

Background - I did google a lot but could not find any solutions. I am running many joomla sites in same hosting which is running without any issues. Dont knw if i need to follow somthing more to install it. i Did google a lot but no help.

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Notice: Undefined index: db_driver in /home/acciunt1/public_html/site/install/controller/step_3.php on line 247

Notice: Undefined index: db_driver in /home/acciunt1/public_html/site/install/model/install.php on line 4
Error: Could not load database driver !



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I just attempted my first ever installation of Opencart and encountered this issue.

The solution was to install the MySQLi extension for PHP.

This was not previously necessary for Opencart - I had three other installations of Opencart (earlier versions) on the same server, all running fine.

Step 3 of the installation wizard, where you enter the database logon credentials, has a select list at the top with the label "DB Driver".

When I tried it, that list was not populated. After installing MySQLi, it appeared in the list.

If you are running Linux and you have access to the full suite of WHM functions, you can install MySQLi by going to WHM > Software > EasyApache and you can build a new profile, to include MySQLi, from there. If you don't have any idea what that means or you're using Windows, then you'll need to contact your hosting company and ask them to install it or move you to a different server. Website Design with Opencart, Coldfusion, Railo and Concrete5

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I apologize, but I also have never experienced anything like it, Joba consultation with more understanding, good luck ... murah.html



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