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Having added the PayPal Commerce extension after moving over from PayPal Manager Pro so I could give my clients the option between paying with PayPal or direct with credit / debit card as some people just won't use PayPal - I notice it doesn't set up correctly as the first payment page(step 5) in Open Cart only shows PayPal Express and it isn't until you click on that and move to the next page you then have an option to use Paypal or a card which is too late as people who don't like PayPal won't hit the first button.

See comments from my web provider
Can't load a screen shot so copied the page comments below

Step 5: Payment Method
Please select the preferred payment method to use on this order.

PayPal (Express, Card)
Add Comments About Your Order

Looking at your website just there and it looks to be not fully integrated as the PayPal Express is the only option.
There should be an option to pay by card below the PayPal option here.



Can I suggest reaching out to Opencart support to assist with this.

Please advise how to get this changed



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Hi stevebray

We were in the same exact situation a few months ago, here's how we solved it:

Instead of displaying the default "PayPal (Express, Card)" message, we customised it to say: "Credit / Debit Card or PayPal". You can customise this message however you want, if you think some other wording would be more suitable.

To change it, you need to edit the language file of the PayPal Commerce Platform payment extension.
  1. Locate the paypal.php language file (catalog/language/en-gb/extension/payments/paypal.php)
  2. Find the line that says:
    $_['text_title'] = 'PayPal (Express, Card)';
  3. Replace it with:

    Code: Select all

    $_['text_title'] = 'Custom Name Here';
  4. If you have multiple languages installed, do this for all the required language files.
Please make sure that you responsibly keep track of such modifications, so they don't give you a headache down the line.

I hope this helps!

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Post by straightlight » Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:10 pm

Or, to use an Event to make the replacement rather than editing core language files.

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Post by Collins56 » Mon Aug 09, 2021 7:41 pm

Log in to your PayPal Advanced account at
Go to Service Settings > Hosted Checkout Pages > Set Up and make the following settings: AVS. No. ...
Click Save Changes.
Set up an additional user (recommended by PayPal): Go to and log in to your account.

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