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Hi guys,

I have a problem with uploading structured data for Google to product pages and different recipe pages. I see that there are some paid extensions in the store that can help with this but I want to upload all of the data manually into each page code.

The point is that I can't find exactly where to put the data since from what I have read the information for each page is not stored just in 1 file but few files in catalogue/view/ theme/default/template and subfolders.

There are more than 10 product and recipe pages and I want to add different structured data to each one so really don't know how to proceed?

Anyone here had any success with this? I will highly appreciate any advice you can give :)

Thank you!


Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:42 am

Post by IP_CAM » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:30 am

Did you already check here about such ? ... gle%20Data
like for this free Mod: ... n_id=27959
Product-specific Data can (usually) ONLY be stored in the OC-Database, nowhere else, meaning,
that one needs to create 'specific' Sections, in the Product-related DB Table, to achieve such, if
some Custom DATA like this is to be placed for/to a specific Product. But if you don't know, how
such works, then, you need a Pro, to do it for you.
Good Luck !

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