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I am trying to get a sense of how the developement is done in Opencart. What are the patterns that is followed in the coding, as I have seen mentioned that Opencart is coded in an oop and some aspects an mvc approach, but without the model. How then is this implemented.

I  notice the files in the controller directory are where the classes are declared, however I can't see which file these then are instantised from. If I wanted to do some custom modification of a feature, what are the standards that needs to be followed in terms of the files need to be edited.



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How to make OpenCart:
1 cup: Magic beans
4 cups: Crazy Pills
3 units: Developers
1/2 lb: pre-chewed bubble gum

- Beat well (especially the developers),
- simmer until golden brown,
- and spoon on top of your favorite webhost.

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