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opencart operators,

I can't do the coding but does anyone have any ideas how to setup something like the following.  It might be worth while to check out. 

IDEA:  a modual similar to the coupon /database  interface ... but this would be for .
    "resellers or referrals"  ... whereby you setup a Referral code for participating reseller/referrers.

... anytime a buyer plugs in their reseller/referral code , a variable amount (like your coupon interface say 10%, or whatever is set for that reseller) is credited to the account of your registered reseller/referrer. 

Unlike the coupon that discounts the sale... this interface would keep the price the same but credit the associated Referral Code Account #. 

at the end of the month or whatever, you do a summary for that RESELLER ACCOUNT CODE and credit them their $$ (manually by paypal whatever).

This would set in place a method whereby opencart users could build a marketing sales impetus, driving sales to their site creating an automatic incentive for others to do so.

Of course ideally the sale would email that reseller/referrer a notification of sale, so they had a record of the transaction.

Any ideas.   In simplistic way to achieve my goal,  I tried to assign a new  COUPON a code and value of 0, so that when I saw the sale  I would see the COUPON reference number and there would not be a discount to the sale  , but  it won't recognize the coupon ?
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SoCal wrote: Qhoria,

Revenue Generating Idea #2 - In this scenario,  buyer purchases downloadable files.

They pick their item ( could be a spreadsheet , powerpoint, fancy executable programs , whatever, the seller whants to sell.   

Buyer goes through the shopping cart interface and is directed to a password protected page
and downloads their purchase files.

This one would be pretty easy I'd imagine.  But I have sold digital product in the past off of a very primitive and clunky platform.  very difficult to add items. Doesnt have the robust capabilities that OC has, and the easy of adding new products, etc, etc.

But the great thing is ... their is no inventory, shipping, or fulfillment processing requirements.
They just download and are on their way.

It would be up to the vendor to securitize their files.

Opencart already supports downloadable file purchases.
Going to split this off to it's own thread to get better visibility.
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