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I guess I asked in the wrong area ;)
You used to have a url for v2 on what folders and files to change permissions, etc etc.. to set up security.
Do you have a url for v3? When I had someone install opencart for me, I told them the new admin folder name to use, but they said its
no longer needed on v3? Is this true?
Please direct me to all the security precautions to use for opencart v3? :)
Thanks so much

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Post by IP_CAM » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:02 am

Well, this way, you make Admin Access Attempts much harder, without
the need, to change the admin Directory Name:
Simple Login Security ... n_id=21371
And with this php file, you can make sure, to have correctly set CHMOD Settings.
It is placed in the Site Root, and then executed by calling it's filename. Originally, it also
contains some Clear Cache Routines, but I assume, that they need partly to be relinked
for OC-3, so I removed those routines out of the file. It should work in all OC Versions, but
I have no way to test it in OC-3! Link to the Original File: ... n_id=26276
Good Luck !



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